Meningococcal disease hospitalises five Ballarat teenagers

Five students from Sebastapol College in Ballarat were rushed to hospital Monday night, all with a severe case of meningococcal disease.

Sebastopol College Principal, Mr Bruce Feeney stated that any measures to be taken at this point, are “a matter for the Department of Human Services and Ballarat Base Hospital.” At present, no other students are reported to have been infected.

Dr Wainwright, Head of Communicable Diseases, Ballarat Base Hospital

The Head of Communicable Diseases at Ballarat Base Hospital, Dr Beryl Wainwright, revealed that of the five, three are in a critical, but stable condition. The other two are in a critical condition. The severity of the disease required all five teenagers to be quarantined indefinitely. Dr Wainwright disclosed that she has “never seen an outbreak of this strain affect so many people so quickly.”

Jeremy Little, 15, is one of the teenagers who has been infected with the disease. Mrs Lynne Little, mother of Jeremy, said she rushed her son to hospital when “he vomited once, twice and then couldn’t stop.” At this stage, doctors have been unable to report whether his condition is improving or getting worse.

Apparently, the five students caught up for a movie night on Sunday evening.

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